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I was listening to President Bush’s press conference on the way in to work this morning, and was again amazed by the finger-pointing engaged in by our government. You would think it’s a hobby for those on Capital Hill to see how much they can blame on the other party, or on other branches of government. In this instance I think he was answering a question about what he has been doing to secure energy security. He initially tried to point to the bill he sent to congress to open up the ANWR (Alaskan National Wildlife Reserve) to oil drilling as his “short-term” solution to US energy security problems. He seems to feel this will send a signal to the world that we will not remain beholden to oil producing nations for our energy needs. When asked about other things he is doing, and about renewable energy, he pointed to Ethanol as the intermediate-term solution, briefly mentioning hydrogen as a future source. However, when asked about rising food prices, he couldn’t seem to reconcile the fact that when we put our food into our gas tanks, we’re having a significant affect on food prices world-wide. How is it that Ethanol makes sense when it takes hundreds of gallons of water, in addition to the corn required, to produce a gallon of Ethanol? How does that make sense as an intermediate-term solution when, if we turned all of our corn into ethanol (and didn’t eat anything with corn in it anymore… or any corn-fed beef, for that matter), we would produce less than 3% of the fuel we need?

Within all of this, I have trouble finding where the “decider” sits. As our president blames congress, and congress blames the president and those on the other side of the aisle, why isn’t in that someone can finally stand up and say they just should have done a better job of pushing something through? I’ll stand up, I should be more involved and should let my reps know that I’m sick and tired of the drama… can we just get something done instead of just talking about how others don’t let anything get done? I’m afraid the answer is: “We would be able to, if it weren’t for those guys over there.”